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How would you like to save over 50% on all of our different training and workshops that we teach throughout the year?  How about getting VIP access to everything at one low monthly price?  If that sounds like something that interests you then you will want to join the WCN Membership! Our Members not only save a ton of money, but they get access to all of our awesome education and everything that we teach on a monthly basis! (excluding our 1:1 coaching)ing to get access to all of our amazing workshops, summits, and special training at one low price? 

  • Workshops: Attend our 3-day, Virtual Note Buying Workshop three times a year ($599 per person)
  • Conferences: VIP ticket to our annual Note Camp Convention. ($399 per Person)
  • Monthly: Get access to our monthly Note Weekend, Calling Banks, and our other specialized training! ($49-$99)
  • Replays:  Can't make the events LIVE? Don't worry!  The replays to everything are included with your membership!
  • Discounts:  You'll get special Member-Only Bonuses and discounts to our vendors and other special events!

Note Training That Will Make Your ROI's Explode

Becoming a note investor is different and takes a lot more than just attending a webinar or sitting through a workshop.  And if you don't know what you are doing, you can end up making a lot of mistakes that end up costing you a ton of money!  That's why the WCN Membership is designed to help you make the most of your training and help you take action to Find, Fund, and Flip more deals!

  • Reason #1: The Best Training in the Industry
  • Reason #2: Access to Deal Sources
  • Reason #3: Amazing Support

We've helped train thousands of note investors and the Who's Who in the distressed note space.  We're also activily investing in notes ourselves and constantly updating our training, systems, and team of trusted vendors to help accelerate your sucess.  Our membership is designed to keep you up to date on the newest trends, sources, marketing, and market updates to help you stand out from the crowd of other note investors.  If you are looking to take your real estate and note investing business to a whole new level then you should be a part of the WCN Membership.  If we don't stand by our promises, you can cancel at any time!

Here's A Summary of What You Get Access To:

Reason #1: The Best Training in the

Get access to all of our regular training that we are constantly updating based on the market and our own investing experiences.

Reason #2: Access to Different Deal

We share deal flow as we find new sources for note deals from our own prospecting and marketing without the huge markups that other charge

Reason #3: Amazing Support from Our Team of Vendors

Our team of experts and vendors are here to help support and grow your business.  We win when you win and we're here to help you explode!



Scott "the Note Guy" Carson 

P.S. : We only open up access to the WCN Membership a few times a year and limit the number of members.  Don't miss out on your chance to surround yourself with the best-of-the-best in the note industry!  Sign up now to start saving money and take your note business to the next level! 

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